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Looking Back as We Look Ahead

Written by Bill Culhane on 6:06 PM

Looking Back as We Look Ahead...

For Bobcats all, 2010 was quite the historic year,
Championships, diplomas, and in our Texas State world the WAC did appear!
All recorded on our new website: video, audio, twitter, and text,
My small sampling of '10 will here follow next.

The men's hoopsters finished strong, a winning flurry to close last season's journey,
For the second slate in a row, onward to the SLC postseason tourney.
The Cats worked the Southland race to a record of nine and seven,
Victors in the last three, including Sam in OT, ah, a little bit of heaven.

Coach Ty and our baseballers proved they were the best Southland club,
Odd was the ending, with a questionable NCAA post season snub.
We did garner yet another regular season ring,
With promises to 2011 opponents that more pain is what we'll bring.

Coach Woodard's team shut down opponents and hit monstrous dingers,
Wins mounted weekly and more rings for their fingers.
One, two, now three championships in a row,
There's only one Southland softball dynasty that I know.

We witness Coach Chisum continue the trek along her trail,
700 career wins and counting as we all did hail.
A mix of veterans and youth, our Cats spiked and served,
Another win-filled season left the Bobcat opponents unnerved.

Coach Conner and our soccer team continued, great seasons the norm,
That's been the case since Texas State soccer took the SLC by storm.
Britney Curry ended a career by which all Bobcats we will now measure,
Leadership, skill, class, and goals - what a Texas State treasure.

Karl Benson made the announcement one fine day at Strahan,
Confirming our administration, students, athletics, and fans had one very fine plan.
When in came the call, Dr Trauth and Dr Teis, would proudly respond, "Yes!",
If there's been a greater day to be a Bobcat, it would be difficult to suggest.

Bobcat Pride is most clearly alive and doing well,
Take a look or a listen at the Loud Crowd and you can clearly tell.
All in and around Texas State willing to help carry the torch,
Doing all we can to grow and improve our university's "front porch".

The Bobcat faithful stepped up in '10 to support our Maroon and Gold,
Knowing we are all a part of Bobcat wins will never get old.
Best wishes to Bobcat Nation, near and far, one and all,
Indeed, our future is as bright as our shining star on Jackson Hall.

- Best wishes to you and yours for 2011 from the Bobcat mic.

Reminder: If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me at

Eat em up Cats!


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