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Written by Bill Culhane on 10:07 AM

Ready, break!

As we are now within a day of Bobcats v Red Raiders, here is my final Countdown to Kickoff blog. I hope you have found them enjoyable and they have given a little insight into your Bobcat football team. As always, we hope to see you and yours at the games. If you still don’t have your season tickets, our home opener is Saturday, September 17th, here is where to get your tickets.

We just blogged about our defensive coordinator, Coach Naivar’s return to San Marcos. Well, our offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach, Mike Schultz, is no stranger to our fair city, having served here under Coach Fran from '90-'91.

Barrick Nealy, immediately followed by Bradley George, has meant that the Bobcats have recently had an embarrassment of riches at the quarterback position. Right now, we have two young men who have shown the ability to help lead the Bobcats to points.

Coach Fran repeatedly talks about being your best on the play right now…then, be your best on the next play, etc, etc… He holds the same belief when it comes to the guys on the field. He wants the best eleven on the field for THAT play. It stands to reason then that we would want our best quarterback on the field for that play, that situation. Shaun Rutherford, a transfer from Blinn, and Tyler Arndt, our returning sophomore, have been sharing reps at quarterback and both will see action. Both signal callers are growing in the offense and been excellent during Fall Camp 2011.

Shaun Rutherford made it clear that he and Tyler Arndt are looking forward to leading the offense, “I think Tyler and I have done very well. It’s been a great competition throughout practice. Day in, day out, we study film together. We come to practice every day ready to help make each other better.”

I have noted a marked improvement in Shaun’s passing ability from four months ago. “It was kind of rough getting back into it, but I came up here every morning, every afternoon, worked on my drop backs, my steps, just tried to get my technique back together,” is Rutherford’s explanation for his progress.

As you know, Tyler Arndt has already shown that he can lead a Bobcat football team to victory. Tyler matched Shaun‘s comments on how the quarterbacks are pushing each other to ultimately make the team better, “I think we have clicked really well. Shaun and I are both getting reps with the 1’s. We both bring a lot of leadership. Whoever steps in the huddle, the team knows they can count on us.”

Arndt agrees dealing with the environment this Saturday at Texas Tech won't be as much of an issue having started his career at Houston in 2010, “I think so. Playing in front of a lot of people, it will really help. I know what to expect.”

Coach Schultz assessed the Bobcat quarterbacks, “They’ve come a long way since last Spring. We feel like they’ve made good progress. With quarterbacks, you’re never where you want to be, but let me say this, we’re not where we used to be!”

Spread the Love Around

We have discussed all of the changes on defense and even special teams. As you well know by now, our offense has also gone under modifications since the 2010 season. We have an entirely new offensive coaching staff and will be running, as it’s been explained to me, “the Texas State spread offense”. Meaning, there are many variations of the spread offense across the landscape, but our offense is “the Texas State spread offense”.

Through camp, it appears that this means we will run and pass the ball and would prefer to be +/- 50-50. Short game, deep game, the entire route tree is in our arsenal. We will run between the tackles, out wide, zone reads, etc… To our future opponents, I hope I haven’t revealed too much.

“I agree with Coach Fran, we have a lot of moving parts right now. We’ve made a lot of improvement and I think the kids are excited about the offense and what we‘re doing,” Coach Schultz on the offense as a whole.

The Countdown to Kickoff blogs are now officially over, the crowd roars. I will be stopping by, from time to time, with additional blogs about the world of Texas State athletics. You’ve been warned…

The Bobcat’s game at Texas Tech this Saturday will be the maiden broadcast on ESPN Deportes, 92.5 FM, 5PM pregame, 6PM Kickoff. You can also listen in at or We will speak with you from Lubbock!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know at

Eat 'Em Up!


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